For all of the oh-so-predictable things that happened in 2018 — of course Black Panther was a smash, of course Harry and Meghan’s royal wedding was stunning — there were as many that shook us to our cores. From surprise pregnancies and surprise albums, to feuds ending and others reaching a boiling point, this year had no shortage of celeb moments that seemed to come out of nowhere. Revisit nine of them below, and brace yourself for what 2019 may hold.

  1. Justin Bieber became a married man.
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    Lest you’d forgotten, Justin began the year coupled up with Selena Gomez — the two had rekindled their romance in November 2017 and spent the winter hopping from church services to hockey practices until finally calling it quits around March. He and Hailey then revived their relationship that summer, news of their engagement broke in July, and they confirmed they’d tied the knot in November. Mr. and Mrs. Bieber certainly move fast, but at least there’s now one less lonely girl in the world.

  2. Ariana Grande (briefly) got engaged.
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    Much like Justin, Ariana’s 2018 commenced with her in another relationship — she and Mac Miller were together until May, the same month she rebounded with SNL comedian Pete Davidson. She and Pete got engaged after just a few weeks, but unlike Justin and Hailey, they never made it down the aisle. The couple broke up in October, after a summer filled with matching tattoos, flirty Instagram comments, a pet pig, a new apartment, and a diet of lollipops and Starbucks. Don’t cry for Ari, though — her attitude about the whole thing is a gracious but dismissive “thank u, next.”

  3. Kylie Jenner, super spy, welcomed a baby girl.
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    Keeping an entire pregnancy a secret is a remarkable feat for anyone, let alone for a member of the most famous family on the planet. Sure, news of Kylie’s pregnancy leaked to the press back in September 2017, but it went unconfirmed for months, as the lip kit mogul never commented on it and stayed largely out of the public eye. Then, seemingly out of nowhere, she shared the bombshell news that she and boyfriend Travis Scott welcomed a baby girl named Stormi on February 1. If Kylie ever decides to abandon reality TV and her makeup empire, she could totally have another career in being a master spy.

  4. Taylor Swift and Katy Perry ended their notorious feud.
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    The pop stars’ longstanding beef ended in May with a literal olive branch that Katy sent to her frenemy on the opening night of the Reputation Tour. The Witness singer also wrote a note about wanting to “clear the air,” and Tay accepted the apology with her public Instagram Story post. And thus ended a four-year feud — played out over multiple subliminals and diss tracks (“Bad Blood” and “Swish Swish”) — that makes the pop world a little more of a peaceful place. And yet…

  5. Cardi B and Nicki Minaj‘s feud came to a head at Fashion Week.
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    For months, Cardi and Nicki dismissed rumors that there was bad blood between them, but the truth emerged when the two got into a heated scuffle at a New York Fashion Week party in September. A shoe was thrown, Cardi was escorted out of the party with a gnarly bump on her temple, and she later asserted that the fight started because someone had said something about her newborn daughter. Nicki denied that accusation, saying on Queen Radio that the altercation was “mortifying and humiliating.” Both parties claim to want to put the drama behind them, but Nicki released a music video last week co-starring two of the women currently suing Cardi… so this drama appears to be far from over.

  6. Beyoncé and Jay-Z dropped a joint album.
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    June 16 began like any Saturday: the World Cup was happening, the MTV Movie & TV Awards were about to tape, the sun was shining and the birds were chirping. And then, Bey and Jay decided to drop the musical equivalent of a nuclear bomb by unceremoniously releasing a joint album, Everything Is Love, under the name The Carters. The nine-song album celebrating love, family, and legacy premiered exclusively on Tidal (duh), and arrived alongside a Louvre-set video for standout single “APESHIT.” Just another day for music’s first couple.

  7. Drake confirmed he has a son.
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    Drake and Pusha T, who may or may not moonlight as a private investigator, reignited their long-simmering beef in May, with the Daytona MC going all in on Drizzy with “The Story of Adidon.” Pusha brought up Drake’s absentee father on the brutal diss track, and accused the rapper of similarly abandoning a child named Adonis: a rumor that Drake shockingly confirmed on his June album, Scorpion. With the closing track, “March 14,” Drake devoted an entire song to “the harsh truth” — he’s a father who’s barely seen his own child. As fans processed that bombshell, Drake shrewdly kept quiet about it, only discussing it in length on an episode of HBO’s The Shop that aired in October. “I’m just excited,” he said of fatherhood, explaining that he’s been drawing on “all of the things I’ve learned from my father and the incredible things I’ve learned through my mother about patience, about unconditional love.”

  8. Fifth Harmony broke hearts by announcing a hiatus.
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    Maybe we should have seen this one coming. After all, 5H’s trajectory looked remarkably like One Direction’s for the bulk of their time together, all the way up to Camila Cabello pulling a Zayn, leaving the group to make one last album as a foursome. And yet, when 5H announced their hiatus in March after six years together, it still shocked fans and cut deep. Thankfully, the girls have kept Harmonizers happy with a slew of promising solo moves: most recently, Normani released new tunes with 6LACK and Calvin Harris, Lauren Jauregui and Dinah Jane dropped sultry videos for their respective debut singles, and Ally Brooke debuted a Christmas cover and announced a memoir. 5H may be over (at least, for now), but these ladies aren’t going anywhere.

  9. Basically everything Kanye West did this year.
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    Where to even start with this dude? This year alone, the ever-polarizing rapper managed to: change his name to just “Ye,” meet with President Trump at the White House, claim slavery was “a choice,” try to make “MAGA” hats happen, repeatedly deactivate and reactivate his social media accounts, and insist he was writing a philosophy book on Twitter. Ultimately, his “shocking” behavior became more and more numbing to the point where it… actually wasn’t that shocking at all. In fact, perhaps the most surprising thing about Kanye’s year is that, amidst all the controversy and drama he fueled, he also had an incredibly productive run in the studio. G.O.O.D. Music released five Kanye-produced albums over the summer, including a collaborative project with Kid Cudi and his solo effort Ye, which became his eighth straight No. 1 album. Even so, the rapper’s 2018 was marked by a public consensus that maybe someone should grab the mic from his hands and tell him not to finish.

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